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Recognise Professional Skills

Learning should also be carried out continuously, along the professional path of each individual. As such, Escolas do Turismo de Portugal offer training courses to professionals who are already employed aiming to Recognise Professional Skills

Escolas do Turismo de Portugal provide access to the following positions:

Qualified to plan, lead and coordinate bakery operations, in close articulation with the Food & Beverage service, aiding in the design of menus and calculation of production costs, being also responsible for the cooking of baking goods, such as cakes, pastries, bread, ice-creams, fine bakery and other such products of premium quality, using appealing products and innovative processes. Main duties: organize and coordinate the pastry and bakery sections, ensuring compliance with food handling regulations; prepare and cook pastry and bakery of superior quality; collaborate in the design of menus, assisting the F&B service in budgeting and calculating costs; support the commercial management of the F&B service; provide the best quality of service at all times, aimed to please the customer.
complying with safety and hygiene norms, executes and manages kitchen and bakery operations, collaborates in the design of menus, prepares and cooks meals with expertise, in particular regional Portuguese and international cuisine.
qualified to design, plan, organize and coach outdoor activities of a touristic nature, seeking the right program for each client, according to their preferences, background, hobbies or occupations, raising awareness about the responsible conservation of collective premises, natural landscapes or historic sites, as being irreplaceable gems for the present and future enjoyment of all. Main duties: conceive, plan and organize programs of outdoor activities, in natural sites or premises equipped for such purposes, respecting the country’s laws and regulations regarding the principles of sustainable tourism; coach and promote outdoor activities programs, ensuring the technical and touristic support, the management of the group and the compliance of safety regulations and best practices in outdoor tourism; promote the responsible participation in touristic activities which involve a close contact with natural resources and the cultural and historical heritage of communities; evaluate the activities held; ensure the conservation and maintenance of the premises and facilities utilised in outdoor touristic activities.
qualified to manage, coordinate and supervise the daily routines in the sections that ensure accommodation services, namely the concierge and the reception, floors and rooms, linen and laundry service, duly controlling the quality of service, oriented to client satisfaction. Main duties: supervise, coordinate and organize the three sections of the accommodation service – front-office, floors and laundry – guaranteeing they are neatly and systematically performed; manage and report the financial results of the accommodation department; define the commercial policies of accommodation services, regularly checking quality standards and ensuring cleanliness and serviceability at all times.
qualified for the specialised development, promotion and marketing of touristic services and products, such as travel agent, holiday planning, sightseeing tours and other activities involving leisure, hospitality and tourism. Main duties: define and implement policies and strategies of marketing mix of tourism businesses, actively collaborating with the executive leaders of the organizations; plan, organize, promote and sell tourism services and products; plan and supervise the organization of events, conferences, meetings and celebration reunions; design and promote specially tailored incentive programs for companies; promote the sale of tourism products and services adjusted to the customers’ needs; assisting the success of the business campaigns and overseeing key account management.
complying with safety and hygiene norms, organizes, manages and executes impeccable waiter and bartender service, in restaurants, catering businesses or bars, integrated or not in hotel units.
responsible for the organization and management of the three sections of the kitchen – hot and cold cooking and bakery. This professional plays a crucial role in the success of a restaurant, coordinating and organizing the work of the kitchen brigade; assigning tasks and hierarchies; scheduling and organizing the work flow; defining safety measures in case of emergency; overseeing the application of health and sanitation procedures, namely HACCP protocols; coordinating inventory control; planning and designing menus, in close collaboration with the F&B department, calculating the costs involved; properly prepare, with good taste, skill and dedication, outstanding and creative meals that keep customers happy and assure the return of the investment of the restaurants’ owners as well.
qualified to manage, coordinate and supervise F&B operations, in hotels or restaurants which may or not be part of a hotel unit, ensuring the best quality of service, the optimisation of resources and the maximisation of revenues. Main duties: supervise, coordinate and organize F&B operations, ensuring the best quality of service; manage and report the financial results of the F&B service; plan and design menus, calculating their costs; define the commercial policies of F&B, imprinting passion and care to a high quality customer service.
making use of the rules and protocols of reception, hospitality, hygiene and safety, this professional is responsible for reception service, tourist information, handling reservations and welcoming guests, as well as promoting the hotel and ensuring effective and amicable contacts with the public.
fully aligned with the commercial strategy of the unit, the touristic resources available and the guests’ characteristics and motivations, is responsible for informing, promoting and selling tourism products and services, as well as welcoming the guests in an attentive and pleasant manner.
in view of the strategic plan of the travel agency, in particular its commercial policy, and considering the promotions available in the market and the characteristics and motivations of the clients, this professional promotes and sells touristic products and services, standard or tailored for each client; provides a distinctive, courteous and reliable service to customers, contributing to the agency’s prestige, retaining and enlarging customer portfolio and identifying new business opportunities.
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