Tourism Management

Cursos de Especialização Tecnológica - Acesso 12º Ano
Tourism Management


With more than 50 years of experience the Hotel and Tourism Schools of Turismo de Portugal enjoy industry recognition for their sound and hands-on training methodologies. Students choose our schools for their high standard education programmes, expert teachers, world class facilities and career opportunities.

Our mission is to train prospective tourism professionals, as well as those already working in the sector, to create tourism programs and experiences for tourists. Our guiding values are focused on ethics, sustainability and innovation, and we apply specific technical and management knowledge, which contributes to the enhancement and qualification of the products.

The Technological Specialization Course in Tourism Management prepares students for technical and management functions for companies, travel agencies and other organizations in the tourism sector.

The attendance of personal and creative development and artistic expression modules,  as well as integrated management skills classes, based on innovative learning models, will allow  students to acquire personal and socio-emotional skills (soft skills).

Main reasons to attend:

• A Curriculum design adapted to a vast array of profiles and suitable for the new skills the sector needs

• Commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation

• This course has a unique emphasis on accessible tourism and sustainability 

• Strong knowledge in the area of tourism project management

• Learning new tourism concepts and discovering new products such as experience tourism and luxury tourism

• Specialization in strategic tourism products / optional classes in areas such as: Golf, Surf, Cultural Touring and City Breaks, Gastronomy and Wine, Health and Wellness, Cruises, Luxury Tourism

• Turismo de Portugal, I.P. boosts a strong relationship with the market/companies and public entities in the Tourism sector, enhanced with the curricular internships.


High-school diploma (or legal equivalent in Portugal)


Vocational qualification level 4 diploma (European Qualifications Framework)


Minimum B2 English level (Council of Europe standard), to be assessed through a written test



2 Semesters + 1 curricular internship + Induction Programme (150h)

The Tourism Management Programme is a 1 year (full-time) course, consisting of two semesters, including a 3-month internship. Students have the opportunity to select top restaurants, hotel chains and resorts in Portugal and abroad to do their internship.

Induction Programme (150h) consists of a training beginner level programme aimed at students with no previous training or experience in the area. Therefore, qualified students can have their credentials recognized and get exemption of frequency of formative units.




At the end of the Programme the student will be given a Diploma of Technological Specialization level 5 in Food and Beverage Management.

Request and functioning authorization by ordinance n.º 2790/2018, of March 19th


With this training students are granted credit units (ECTS) recognized under the Bologna Process, enabling students to pursue further training in related areas at several Universities and Higher Education Centers

Schools of Turismo de Portugal have established protocols with different national and international higher education institutions.



Annual value of the fee


Installments payment

120€ x 10 meses


Em caso de dúvidas, entre em contacto connosco.


Política de Privacidade



Tourism Management
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