Food and Beverage Management [EN]
Technological Specialization Programme - Access 12th Grade

With more than 50 years of experience the Hotel and Tourism Schools of Turismo de Portugal enjoy industry recognition for their sound and hands-on training methodologies. Students choose our schools for their high standard education programmes, expert teachers, world class facilities and career opportunities.

The Food and Beverage Management Programme will prepare students to perform both technical and management activities in catering establishments, whether part of hotel units or not, as well as food and beverage departments.

This training will not only enable students to acquire the knowledge and technical skills in the hospitality sector but also the adequate personal and soft skills required, through the attendance of course units such as Creativity and Personal Development and Artistic Expressions, as well as integrated management skills based on innovative learning models.

Top Reasons to attend:
• Classes by Renowned Professionals
• Practical, hands-on and total immersion teaching, learning and training methodology
• Practical classes in food and beverage management; menu engineering, cost control, bar
• English as a working language
• Opportunity to experience an International and multicultural lifestyle
• ECTS equivalent recognized in all Europe
• High rate of employment in the industry


High-school diploma (or legal equivalent in Portugal)


Vocational qualification level 4 diploma (European Qualifications Framework)


Minimum B2 English level (Council of Europe standard), to be assessed through a written test



3 Semesters + 1 curricular internship

The Food and Beverage Management Programme is a 1,5 year (full-time) course, consisting of three semesters, including a 3-month internship. Students have the opportunity to select top restaurants, hotel chains and resorts in Portugal and abroad to do their internship.

Semester 1 (Additional Training Programme) consists of a training beginner level programme aimed at students with no previous training or experience in the area. Therefore, qualified students can have their credentials recognized and get exemption of frequency of formative units.


Specialized Food and Beverage Management Technician

The Specialized Food and Beverage Management Technician is a professional qualified to plan, direct and coordinate the work of the restaurant and beverage service (F&B) in catering and beverage establishments, whether part of hotel units or not, guaranteeing the quality of customer service and the optimization of the resources and the maximization of the profitability.

The main activities are:
• Plan, coordinate and organize the food and beverage unit/service (F&B)
• Manage, control and analyses the financial results of the food and beverage unit/service (F&B)
• Plan and coordinate the preparation of lists and menus and calculate the associated costs
• Define and implement the commercial policy of the food and beverage unit/service (F&B)
• Team management



At the end of the Programme the student will be given a Diploma of Technological Specialization level 5 in in Food and Beverage Management.

Request and functioning authorization by ordinance n.º 2790/2018, of March 19th


With this training students are granted credit units (ECTS) recognized under the Bologna Process, enabling students to pursue further training in related areas at several Universities and Higher Education Centers

Schools of Turismo de Portugal have established protocols with different national and international higher education institutions.


Application and Registration

Application value

00 €

Registration value



Annual value of the fee

1.800€ (*)

Installments payment

120 € x 15 months

(*) These values have a 50% reduction at the schools of Douro Lamego, Portalegre and Vila Real de Santo António.




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