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May 29, 2020

Escola do Turismo de Portugal //


Applications are open until July 11, september

Schools application

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of ordinary citizens,national economies and the world in general. Turismo the Portugal schools wereno exception and, just like everyone else, we have had to adapt to this newreality.

Social distancing requirements meant we had to redesign our application proceduresfor our courses, and from now on all applications will be completed online.Social and human skills exams and global knowledge tests will be done using ….And the interview will be conducted conducted in English and willtake place via digital platform using a shared file.

Additionally,this year Turismo de Portugal schools suspended the payment of registrationfees for all prospective students.

Applications to our schools open until September 11, 2020  ACCESS HERE  the online form.

Any furtherinformation for non-resident applicants, please use the e-mail address:




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