Foreign Citizens


Applications will be carried out through written tests and an interview. Evaluated the tests and the interview and in case of favorable results, the enrollment process will take place.

1 - Written Tests performance and Assessment of Knowledge

PApplicants will have to carry out written tests, preferably in Portugal, namely in the school filled in the application form.

On the written tests day, applicants must present an original identification document with photo, valid in Portugal, and / or valid passport, as well as proof of the application payment (see item 3 below).

If the applicant does not have the possibility to carry out tests in Portugal, he/she should inform the chosen School of this situation in advance. The school will then exceptionally organize the written tests performance and the interview in the applicant origin country. In this circumstance, tests must be held preferably on the same date and time as the tests in Portugal and may be carried out in the following places:

a) Offices of Turismo de Portugal Teams abroad;

b) As an alternative, tests may took place at the nearest Consulate/Embassy of the applicant´s residence. To do this, applicants must sent the intended school the contacts of that entity, so that the school may articulate this process with the respective Consulate/Embassy.

2- Interview

The interview will be done through Skype, at an agreed date and time between the candidate and the intended school.

After the written tests and interview, the school will contact applicants (by email or phone) to inform the results.

The applicants placed in the school and intended course will be then informed of the school enrollment deadlines and payment.

3- Data for international payment of the application and school enrollment

· Account nr.: 6323
· Currency: EUR
· BIN: 078101120000000632317
· IBAN: PT50078101120000000632317
· BIC/Swift code: IGCPPTPL
· Account description: ITP – Movimentos Diversos

4- Application and school enrollment payment – proof of payment

Once payment has been made, proof of payment of the application and later proof of the enrollment (if selected) must be sent to the intended school, indicating the applicant's full name and the course to which he / she is applying, as well as a copy of the identification document.

5- Enrollment

Applicants approved for admission to the Turismo de Portugal schools will register through an electronic form on-line, in coordination with the school they will attend, and should contact the School for this purpose (see "Contacts").

In addition to the documents required and mentioned in item 1. above, applicants must also present the following documents:

a) Visas and/or Residence Permits
For the registration act, it is mandatory the presentation of the Residence Visa/ Authorization, previously requested by the applicant to the competent authorities.
In order to request the Visa or Residence Permit, and if necessary, the school that the applicant intends to attend may issue a pre-registration statement. We emphasize that applicants may only enroll in the Turismo de Portugal schools after obtaining residence permit.

b) Certificate of qualification/Requests for equivalences
Any request for school equivalency must be addressed by the applicant to the following Portuguese entities:
- Ministry of Education (link para Direção-Geral do Ministério da Educação), for recognition of primary school and secondary education equivalences;
- Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (link para a Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior do Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior) for recognition higher education equivalences.

For further information, please contact directly the intended School directly at "Contacts"




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