Founded in 1958, the Hotel and Tourism School of Lisbon is a reference in the vocational training of this sector, being proud of being the first Hotel and Tourism School in Portugal and of offering a space of sharing and development of skills and knowledge for all those who have a passion for Tourism and Hospitality.

Located in the Campo de Ourique district, in the old facilities of the Industrial School Machado de Castro, it has a privileged location in the city of Lisbon and, as a differentiating factor, it has its own hotel - the Hotel da Estrela - where the practical component of the courses is developed in a real work context.

The recognition is the result of the right combination of students, around 500, and an exceptionally talented teaching staff, being a global School as well, with effective course plans, innovative projects of applied knowledge, global partnerships and a strong connection to the business world.

Focused on technological specialization courses, post-secondary education, with the duration of a year and a half, the school offers a wide range of curricular programs, in the areas of Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts Management, Food and Beverage Management, Accommodation Management and Cultural Tourism, taught in Portuguese and English.

With the aim of providing an experience in real context and giving particular relevance to the professional practice, the School invested to improve its infrastructures, having 5 industrial kitchens, 1 pastry area, 1 restaurant and bar, 1 auditorium in the kitchen area, 1 Oenology room, 1 auditorium with 150 seats and 15 classrooms.

The Hotel and Tourism School of Lisbon is also a partner for managers and professionals who looks for personal and professional qualification, and for companies that recognize that their employees’ qualification is crucial to the sustained business growth and competitiveness. We invest in executive training with customizable modular training of short duration.

We also welcome all those interested in these matters and who want to learn and experience the hotel culture, through workshops, team building, seminars, themed dinners and wine tastings - for those who are not indifferent to the world of Gastronomy and Wines.

With a global, structuring, transforming and innovative project, the School maintains its focus on hospitality and has a strong connection to the hotel and tourism sector, contributing daily to the development of new talents and to successful careers in Tourism.


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