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16 de Abril de 2021

Escola do Turismo de Portugal //


Special regime for foreign students

Applications are opened

The New Access and Admission Scheme will provide greater support and monitoring throughout the application process and integration of foreign students who intend to come to study for the Network of Hotel and Tourism Schools of Turismo de Portugal.

Theapplication phase for courses taught in the tourism school network of Turismo de Portugal is aimed at foreign students who do not have Portuguese nationality, are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union or who have not resided in Portugal for more than two years uninterruptedly.

Starts on April 15 and until 14 May.  

The Hotel and Tourism Schools of Turismo de Portugal decided to anticipate the opening of the application phase for these international students. With this measure, it is intended to facilitate the successful completion of the essential legal process for the completion of registration and which implies obtaining a Student Visa or a Residence Permit.

The entire application process will be online and will take place HERE.

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